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Tort Law

Review the following questions and draft two solid paragraphs that answer each question. This will help you deepen your understanding of the terms and definitions and theory of tort law that will be covered.

1. Explain the basic premise of tort law regarding socially unreasonable conduct.
2. What is the defense of private necessity?
3. Describe the element of duty in a negligence action.
4. Define the element of causation in a negligence action, including the definitions and distinctions between cause in fact and proximate cause.
5. Compare the defenses to a negligence action, including contributory negligence, comparative negligence, and assumption of risk, and locate particular cases that delineate specific defenses.
6. Identify the intentional torts, their nature, elements, and underlying social policy.
7. Recognize the applications of privileges and immunities leading to the avoidance of tort liability.
8. Discuss defamation and different areas of defamation including libel and slander, public figures, privilege, and malice.


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