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Nursing leadership priorities in the ambulatory surgical care setting

Develop a 3–5 page paper wherein you identify and analyze nursing leadership priorities and related leadership resources that you would like to explore as a part of your Organizational Systems and Professional Leadership project.
Validate the existence of each identified priority with at least one reference from the literature.
Analyze any related leadership resources that you would like to explore as a part of this project.

The most useful way to approach this project is to set it into the context of your current workplace situation( Ambulatory Surgery).
You should evaluate issues that are immediate to your experience, and propose leadership strategies, resources, or tools to address those particular issues. Structured in this way, the project may also be used as a performance evaluation tool for your workplace.

1.Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message
.2 Document is well-organized and writer has utilized major headings and subheadings.
3.Formatting: Formatting should be consistent with current APA style and formatting guidelines.
4.Number of references: Minimum of three references from the literature.
Length of paper: A minimum of 3–5 pages, plus title page, reference page, and any appendices.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.may also be used as a performance evaluation tool for your workplace.

In the Capella University Library,

Huber, D. (2014). Leadership and Nursing Care Management, (5th Edition). St. Louis, MO; W.B. Saunders chapter 1 Leadership and Principles pages 1-36

Skim Macdonald, Burke, and Stewart’s 2007, "Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organizations" text. This reading features the author of seminal literature on systems theory (Senge) with a contemporary updated perspective (co-author Kim) on systems theory within contemporary organizations.
Read Kim and Senge’s 1994 article, "Putting Systems Thinking Into Practice," from System Dynamics Review, volume 10, issue 2–3, pages 277–290.
Read Brennan and Daly’s 2009 article, "Patient Acuity: A Concept Analysis," from Journal of Advanced Nursing, volume 65, issue 5, pages 1114–1126.
Read Bamford-Wade and Moss’s 2010 article, "Transformational Leadership and Shared Governance: An Action Study," from Journal of Nursing Management, volume 18, issue 7, pages 815–821.
Read Azaare and Gross’s 2011 article, "The Nature of Leadership Style in Nursing Management," from British Journal of Nursing, volume 20, issue 11, pages 672–680.
Tomlinson’s 2012 article, "Exploration of Transformational and Distributed Leadership," from Nursing Management, volume 19, issue 4, pages 30–34.


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