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WBS and Schedule

Create your project Work Breakdown Structure for your project using your project Statement of Work.

Review your stakeholder analysis, responsibility matrix, communication plan, and risk analysis, ensuring that all tasks derived from these activities are included, as well as all of the tasks needed to produce the project deliverables.

Include at least 3 WBS levels with a minimum of 30 tasks at the lowest level.

Add a schedule to the WBS that consists of task start and end dates, durations, and dependencies. If you create the WBS in Excel, you may add the Schedule in a second worksheet tab or in columns to the right of the WBS tasks. Optionally you can also define the WBS in MS Project or Project Libre

APA style is waived for this assignment.

This is a part of a project management class. I will attach last weeks assignment.
My project aims at creating a customer relationship management system that will assist hoteliers in collecting customer reviews. The data gathered will allow managers to streamline services for maximum customer satisfaction, higher retention rates, and rapport building as well as reputation maintenance in a highly competitive industry. p2.

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