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Generational Interview


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Identify an individual who was born between the years; they must be at least 15 years older than the student and from a different era:
1. Interview an individual concerning her/his personal experiences with the shift in socio-political culture and trends. This can include such circumstances as WWII, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement and social problem shifts. The idea is to gain information about the individual’s life experiences and to understand how those experiences influence his/her perception of the world.
2. Identify a social work conceptual framework that could be applied to this individual’s life history.
3. How did their environment shape them as an individual? How did their changing environment through time shape them as an individual?
4. Identify in what ways the individual may have experienced oppression? In what ways has the individual experienced discrimination?
5. What social work advocacy regarding human rights and social and economic justice have occurred during this individual’s life? (Identify at least three)
6. What social work practice trends advanced social and economic justice during this individual’s life? (Identify at least two)