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Travel Writing WT1

Your task is to write an 800-1000 word piece of travel writing. You may write about a place you have visited or a place you have lived. The goal is to employ the elements of effective travel writing, as well as other creative non-fiction features you have studied during Part One: Language in Cultural Context, in order to engage and sustain the reader?s interest.

Effective Travel Writing:
? centers on a key event. ?
? uses background information that builds up to this event. ?
? may incorporate research to enhance the background information? even if the writer didn?t know the information things at the time of the trip. ?
? clearly describes the location using imagery, figurative language, and evocative description to evoke the experience of the place for the reader.
? uses dialogue where possible to help the story ?happen? for the reader. ?
? mixes reflections on the experience with the retelling to help the reader see the importance of the experience. ?