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Oil and gas management

Energy Storage Systems
The oil and gas industries are already investing heavily in the renewable energy
field, in general, and energy storage systems, in particular. Parallel to the
above, development in Solar-PV and Wind-Turbine are progressing
continuously in the form of higher efficiency, lower cost and wider commercial
availability. However, the above two systems depend on energy storage
systems (e.g. batteries) in order to provide continuous power supply.
As a consultant, you have been invited to examine energy storage systems, in
general, and the connection to Solar-PV and Wind-Turbine, in particular, write a
2,000-word report on the following:
1. Storage systems positive and negative aspects

2. The commercial availability of energy storage systems which can be
used to support some of the renewable energy applications, other than
3. What are the impacts on the environment during the usage of these
energy systems, and the waste produced from some of these systems, if
any, at the end of their life cycle?

4. Your cost-effective recommendations for an efficient energy storage for
solar-PV and Wind-Turbines systems