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Land Law

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Answer the following Problem Question:
Phil, Maria, Florence and Simon are political science students at Prince’s College. In 2014, they decided to purchase a house located near to the university to live in. All four of them contributed
equally to the purchase price and the house was conveyed to them as beneficial joint tenants. At this time, Phil, Maria and Simon were 20 years old and Florence was 17 years old.
In January 2016, after a series of heated arguments Phil decided that he could no longer live with the rest of the group and sold his interest in the house to Maria. Shortly after that Simon told
Maria and Florence that he would like to sell his interest in the house.
Maria and Florence replied that they would be happy to buy Simon’s interest but that the price was too high. However, before any final agreement could reached as to the price, Simon was involved in
a sky diving accident and was killed.
Florence now wants the house to be sold, and wrote a letter to Maria informing her that she wants to sell the house. Maria wishes to remain living in the house, and hence threw the letter away
after opening it. Florence comes to you for your professional opinion. In particular; she would like answers to the following three questions:

First, she would like to know if she can force the sale of the house despite Maria’s objections.

Second, if the sale can be arranged, she would like to know how the proceeds should be shared.

Third, she mentions that the four of them originally considered forming a political marketing consultancy to operate from the house.

How would the situation have been different if the house had been purchased as a business asset
This assessment is in the form of a problem question. In order to complete this task, you must demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the relevant case law and the legal basis
surrounding the development of the principles governing Co-ownership
You need to read the relevant chapters in at least three different textbooks but also demonstrate the ability to carry out independent research. In particular, you must read, evaluate and refer to
the relevant case law as well as legal scholarship in the field to help you apply the relevant principles to solve a problem question.