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Cultural encounters
The students work should be presented in an ESSAY of around 1200 words. Referencing: The essay

should include a list of references at the end in addition to in-text referencing as per the

requirements of the Harvard Referencing System. Proper referencing is a serious academic

requirement and skill and will be rewarded accordingly.
Writing and Discussion Topic: Difference-blind liberalism implies that justice is a matter of

treating everyone equally, regardless of their cultural identity. But the rule and exemption

approach involves treating members of cultural minorities differently. Hence, a difference-blind

liberal will object that the rule and exemption approach is unjust. The arts Past and Present Book

3 Cultural Encounters p. 106 Over the course of history, the movement of individuals and

populations has been a common occurrence. There are instances were these movements were voluntary.

In other instances, they were caused by necessity, due to economic hardship and/or wars. The issue

of immigrants and refugees in today’s world (Syrian refugees in germany a good example to the

student) is central and is a heated one. Societies, western and non-western alike, seem divided

over the issue. In the Western world, where most refugees seem to gravitate. the issue of refugees

and migrants is often treated from the liberalism lens as these countries are professedly Lockean

(after John Locke) in outlook. How does liberalism approach the issue of refugees/migrants and

their recepfioniintegrafion?
In the process of answering the TMA, you should make sure to include the below seven sub questions:

1) How does liberalism view humans and their rights? 2) Does liberalism justify discrimination? If

yes, then on what grounds? 3) How does the °rule and exemption approach’ approach the issue? 4) How

does the °autonomy argument° approach the issue? 5) How does the °unequal impact argument° approach

the issue? 6) How does the °argument by analogy’ approach the issue? 7) How does the argument by

Margalit and Raz approach the issue? 8) What is your reading of liberalism’s approach to the issue

of refugees/migrants?