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In Unit 1 we were asked to describe your initial thoughts about co-teaching (will attach as “unit 1 thoughts’). Discuss if you have made changes in your thoughts/feelings about co-teaching. Be sure to include what your thoughts are, what changes, if any, you have made and why you have or have not changed in your initial thoughts about co-teaching. Additionally, be sure to support your feelings with research. To receive full credit for this question, the answer should focus on content and not the quality of the course or the textbook author. For example, if you still think that co-teaching won’t work, full credit will not be given if one of your reasons is that the author didn’t do a good job of explaining the approaches to co-teaching. What will get full credit is if you thoroughly discuss the lack of training you have had at your school or the lack of administrative support that you have at your school. You should submit no less than 500 words.