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Topic: The missing Von Klumph

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Case Study Instructions
For this assessment you are required to complete the witness statement proforma provided ((you need to full in the witness statement and excel file )). This proforma has been partially completed for you, meaning that you are only required to complete / experience, discussion, interpretation, conclusion and technical details sections (in essence those highlighted in red).

As part of this statement you are required to use Bayesian statistics to determine probabilistic data for the glass evidence, and evaluate strength of this evidence – you must provide a full breakdown of the Bayes calculation. In the technical discussion section you are expected to provide a clear, concise, yet detailed technical discussion of the analysis systems used (GRIM & SEM-EDX). I would also expect you to consider issues such as persistence and recovery of glass evidence.
*You MUST include statistical data from the “Student Excel file”
* i upload the witness statement form that you have fill in
* Also complete the data in excel