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professioal issues in psychology

professioal issues in psychology
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Coursework Asssignment

The assignment requires you to write a response to one of the following news items.

The piece should be written in the style of a response comment piece / editorial for a Psychology bulletin or a national newspaper. You should comment on the article and the broader issues raised by it from a professional psychological perspective. You should include political, economic and social factors where relevant. It is important to present a balanced argument by discussing all perspectives even if you favour one particular position in your conclusion. The best pieces of work will integrate psychological theories and perhaps formulations, with relevant Government (or perhaps BPS) policies and may also draw upon personal and/or service user experiential perspectives. The best pieces of work will demonstrate an awareness of how the issue(s) being discussed affects both individuals, organisations and populations.

You may choose to focus on the psychological impact or take the view of mental health services for example. Forensic students should ensure they discuss the impact in terms of forensic services as well as any other perspective they take on the paper.