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Production & Operation Management

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MGT 530- Production & Operations Management

Homework Problem #1 Template

Choose one topic from group A:

Group A:

1. (_) Line balancing (chapter 2)

2. (_) Production flow analysis (chapter 2)

3- (_) FMEA analysis (chapter 3)

4. (_) Process control analysis with Type 1 data (chapter 3)

5. (_) Process control analysis with Type 2 data (chapter 3)

6. (_) DPMO analysis (chapter 4)

7. (_) Process variation analysis (chapter 4)

(a) create a situation with quantitative factors:

Provide information about the firm (names and dates can be omitted or changed)
Describe the problem or situation

Provide the data that will be used to solve the problem (do not forget units. money in dollars. times in minutes or hours. etc.)
(b) solve the situation showing the proof of your calculations: and

show all formulas and calculations necessary

explain your approach to the solve the problem

include tables and figures in the body of the text. not as an appendix
(c) analyze the implications of your solution to your organization.

explain if the problem is fully or partially addressed

if applicable. mention costs or savings related to your solution