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Experiential Exercise “You and Your Career” pg 361

Experiential Exercise “You and Your Career” pg 361

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Please complete Experiential Exercise “You and your Career” on page 361 and submit as a written document per the parameters identified in your syllabus. The student will write a thorough 2-3 pages APA format style written paper that answers issues and opportunities that apply to the case regarding the issues introduced.

The questions at the end of the document are to help you START! Do not just answer the three questions if you are expecting an acceptable grade! For the Experiential Exercises, at least two quality outside sources are needed in addition to your textbook.

The student should relate the papers to the chapter materials and issues. All students should do any Internet and/or library database research required prior to writing his or her response. Note that the instructor does not recognize Wikipedia as a suitable reference source due to the editable nature of the material found there that raises concerns about veracity and validity of content. Do not cite Wikipedia nor list in your references for any assignments (or any other “pedia”).

Ensure that proper grammar, sentence structure, and material citations are included for maximum point consideration. Neglecting to cite other authors original material is plagiarism and will be graded accordingly