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Best Practices for Peer Review

1.In our Ruszkiewicz text, the author lists four goals of writing an argument/persuasive essay. List them and explain. 2. Ruszkiewicz also recommends knowing your audience through
what seven considerations? List. 3.Explain the process of finding counterarguments and considering emotional appeals. 4.When creating a structure, what four goals should be covered? 5.What are some
ways to make sentences more vibrant when writing? 6.Regarding our reading assignment, is Google Making Us Stupid?” how many times a week do you use Google? How about in a day? 7.Does Nicholas Carr
make valid points about our dependence on the internet? 8.How does Google enhance our ability to communicate, research, and carry out our day to day activities? 9.Are we dependent on the internet?
Give some pros and cons to our use of the internet in nursing.