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What Affects My Behavior?

For this paper, you are to reflect on your current health behavior and choices. Please provide the following information in your paper (and be as honest as you can!): •What are your current healthy behaviors? (Do you include daily exercise into your routine? Do you eat five fruits and vegetables a day? Do you get between 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night?) In other words, what protective factors do you currently have in your life? •What current behaviors might not contribute to your overall health? (Do you drink liquids with caffeine? Do you not exercise regularly? Do you eat a lot of junk food?) In other words, what risk factors do you currently have in your life that can contribute to poor health outcomes? •How do the following eight factors contribute positively or negatively to your health? Please refer to the posted reading from Hayden under the Week 1 Materials for des?r?ptions of the following factors: ?Socioeconomic status ?Skills ?Culture ?Beliefs ?Attitude ?Values ?Religion ?Gender Your paper should be typed, up to three pages in length, and follow the APA Style which includes a cover page, one inch margins, double spacing, and 12 inch Times New Roman font with a reference page as applicable.