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Analysis of the existing strategies of the oil companies in Kuwait for attracting foreign investment ?

Analysis of the existing strategies of the oil companies in Kuwait for attracting foreign investment ?

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This dissertation is basically about how oil companies in Kuwait use there strategies in which has been placed to attract FDI.
Introduction to the topic and the context (e.g. country, countries) and why the topic is of significance in this context. As a conclusion to this the last sentence should clearly show your overall research objective.

Literature Review: written in an essay style discussing the themes in the literature and the different arguments used by authors that are relevant to the topic. You can use sub-headings if there are different sections. Try to keep the Lit Review fairly narrowly focused in your 5000-word dissertation. The Literature Review should demonstrate that your topic is a legitimate academic topic and also should show the current “state of knowledge” in your topic so that you can show that you are contributing a new development*.
As a conclusion to your Lit Review the last few lines should set out what you want to find out:

In qualitative research this will be in the form of Research Questions (2 or 3 is enough).
In quantitative research this will be in the form of hypotheses (2 or 3 is enough).

Methodology: whether this is qualitative or quantitative (or mixed methods) research, and why this is an appropriate methodology for your topic. (If it’s a lit review only, this will have to be discussed after the Introduction.) What your Method is –and why. (data collection instrument, what sort of sample, how many, how you will contact them etc.) Put any actual data collection instruments (questionnaire, interview schedule etc.) in an appendix. In some disciplines it is permissible to write the method in the first person as it is your experience – but make sure you discuss this with your supervisor.
Findings: What you found out. Tables are useful to make findings clear but you must explain them. In a dissertation which consists of a Lit Review only, you will need to summarise what you have discovered.
Discussion of findings: What the findings mean. You can combine findings and discussion of them in a single section as this saves words. In the discussion compare your findings to what you found in the lit – have you found the same or different? How can you account for differences? (e.g. is your sample different? Is your method different?)
Conclusions: must be logical, following from your discussion. There should be no new material in the conclusion.