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Transcending Conquest Nahua Views of Spanish Colonial Mexico

n a one-page, single-spaced essay, answer the following:
–What is Wood’s main argument?
–How does she go about making her case? How does she structure her argument(s) and what does she use as supporting evidence?
–How does the book contribute to a broader knowledge of Latin American society? Why is it important?
This paper is what historians would call a précis—it compresses and clarifies the book, while retaining all key concepts. Remove what is extra and retain the core of the book. When finished, it should serve as an adequate stand-in for the book.
Do not write a summary! Avoid the temptation to summarize rather than discuss.
An abundance of quotations is not necessary, but it is certainly appropriate to use any passages in which Wood is particularly clear on her purposes. For example, you might use a sentence where she summarizes her argument, or rationale, or methodology. In other words, quotations in which she states something directly pertinent to one of the above points you are to speak to.
Additionally, each paragraph should be followed by parenthetical page citations directing the reader to the most salient examples of the paragraph’s topic. For example, the paragraph on methodology would be followed by pages where Wood either discussed it, or where it was particularly evident.
Format as follows:
— Single-spaced
— One-inch margins all around
— Times New Roman, 12 point.
— Include your name on the paper. No further information is necessary.


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