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Primary Source Quantitative Research Studies Related to PICO(T) Question

NUR320 Critical Inquiry and Evidence-Based Practice for RNs

Submission of Three Primary Source Quantitative Research Studies Related to PICO(T) Question.

N320 Critical Inquiry and Evidenced-Based Practice for RN’s

Primary Source Quantitative Research Articles

Using key words that are generated from your PICO(T) question, retrieve 3 original reports (primary sources) of quantitative studies from peer-reviewed professional journals written by the individual conducting the research published within the past 5 to 10 years.

To explain: This means that the individual (s) authoring the research article you have selected is the individual or individuals (s) who actually conducted the research. NOT, someone who is writing about a study that was completed by someone else. This also means that the research article must come from a peer-reviewed professional journal (not a newsletter nor a section on “research” within a nursing journal). You can check to see if a journal relies on peer reviewing by googling the journal and reviewing the home page of the journal. Quantitative studies are not Qualitative Studies—please check out the differences in your readings if you are not clear about them at this point.

Submit the 3 research articles as full text PDF’s to the Primary Source Articles Assignment Dropbox.. Please post your PICO(T) question in the comments section of the dropbox when submitting.

You will complete a Findings Table using these 3 research articles for your final paper. That Findings Table will be submitted as an Appendix for your final paper, but not included with this assignment.


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