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PPT must be in MS PPT – not in Google docs or PDF

Select a topic from p. 116 (Table 4.1 "New Age of Competition")

The pick 3 of the principles from p. 86 (Table 3.2 "Suggested Principles in a World-Class Code of Ethics")

Select a company that you believe is affected by the topic that you identified (p. 116) AND the 3 principles you selected (p. 86)

Using those three principles (p. 86), create a PPT presentation that satisfies the following:

Intro slide (your name, everything that would be in an APA cover sheet in a paper, but on the first slide)
Introduce your company and an ethical dilemma it has faced (from 2014-2017) related to the topic you picked on p. 86 (explain this in your own words, no exception)
Explain how the dilemma relates to the topic (p. 116) – be specific as it relates to the business, in your own words (5-7 sentences)
Explain how the dilemma relates to the three principles (p. 86) – be specific as it relates to the business, in your own words (5-7 sentences)
Evaluate whether you think the company was effective in abiding by the principles – then tell me why or why not in 5-7 sentences
References page in APA format
All work must be submitted through the Week 9 link in BB by no later than Thurs. 3/30 at the start of class

Due at start of class on 3/30 through submission link in WEEK 9 AREA

All work must be in your own words: taking content word-for-word from another source will be counted as plagiarism and there will be no allowance for reworking assignment


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