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performance of democracy in america

Based upon the information that you have before taking this course, let’s take a look at the government of the United States? How would you rate the performance of democracy in America? List and explain at least three good things that the government does and three things that we might be able to improve upon. You do not have to do any research or provide citations unless you choose to use statistics or make definitive statements, but please go beyond generalizations to provide specific examples from your own experiences to back up your arguments. This is a formal academic assignment and not an opportunity to go on a negative rant or make wild allegations. Please do not focus on just negatives. If you want to do that please do it on Facebook or someplace else. There are many positive things provided by our government as well. Unbalanced essays that focus mostly on negatives will not receive a grade higher than 60%.

Written assignments should be written in 12 point, Times New Roman font using 1” margins on all 4 sides. On the header of each page please include your name, course number and name, and assignment name. On the footer of each page please include a page number. All essays must be double-spaced, spell checked and proofread. Errors will result in a grade reduction.

Acceptable file formats include Microsoft Word (.doc) or RTF (rich text format). Files submitted in an improper format can’t be opened, therefore they can’t be graded. It is the responsibility of the student to submit assignments in the proper file format.

The finished paper should be uploaded to the Assignments page of the course.


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