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History of Aviation

Currently I am a high school student (grade 12) with a final English Graduation project. This project consists of multiple things. This project has a proposal, an abstract, a 50 page research paper, and a 5-7 slide presentation that will be presented to the class after handing the actual research paper. The presentation is just a basic explanation of my topic to the class about what my research paper is generally about. The due date for the final research paper is within 1-2 months. But what I need first is my abstract and proposal. I need them to show my teacher that I started with my work and give them an idea of what im doing. So the abstract and proposal comes first. Later the 50 page research paper and presentation comes when you are done working with it. Include many sources as you want. Also plagiarism is taking very seriously this is my final graduation project so please be careful. So about my 50 page research paper, just talk about the topic generally.. for ex: talk about the history on how did it start, famous airplanes, famous stunts, anything relatable.


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