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Disaster Management

You are applying for an internship within the Emergency Preparedness and Response department at your local county health department. The application process requires that you submit a public health disaster management plan for a natural or man-made event in the community. The plan should adapt best practices and lessons learned from a recent event in a similar community to prepare your local community.

A Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment must also be completed as part of your signature assignment. Tools to use can be found online at http://www.hasc.org/sites/main/files/file-attachments/hva_tool.pdf. Please note that the provided online tool is a fully functional HVA and does not need to be completed in its entirety for this assignment. Merely use the categories to illustrate the significance of your chosen hazard to the US public.

The three phases of Response, Mediation and Recovery will be clearly detailed with an explanation of the required coordination between participants and components. A projected timeline will be included. Sources must reflect the role and recommendations of federal (FEMA, USPHS), state (State Emergency Management Office), local government (local Emergency Management Office) and any regulatory or accreditation (JCAHO) bodies


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