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I. Paper #1: This week you begin to will write Paper #1.
Paper about Theme (500-525 words)

NOTE: The Works Cited (in MLA formatting, version #8) page should include the primary source only. Do not use secondary sources for this paper. Also, see the folder for Paper #1 on the Course Content page which includes a sample outline.
1. Write outline and thesis statement for Paper #1. (The finished paper should be at least 500 words, but no more than 525 words.) Read the story by Ha Jin, “The Bane of the Internet,” in Literature, beginning on page 590. Your thesis should focus on the theme of the story, using the information in Chapter 19, “Theme,” especially pages 459-463. Also, review Chapter 5, “Writing Literary Arguments,” pp. 62-77. Use the sample outline provided on the Course Content page in the folder for Paper #1.
Note: The thesis is part of the introduction. Usually, the thesis is the last sentence in the introduction. For the outline, give me ONLY the thesis at the top of the outline. Do not include the entire introduction. A thesis is one sentence.
Another Note: The author of the story is Ha Jin. He is not the same as the character in the story, the unnamed narrator who lives in America. The narrator is the older sister to Yuchin who lives in China.
2. Provide the topic sentences for each body paragraph in your outline. Each topic sentence should mention one supporting point for your thesis. A topic sentence is a complete sentence. You will want to support your topic sentence in each body paragraph by citing passages from the story, at least one per paragraph (primary source). You should use in-text documentation for these passages. See PowerPoint in the folder for Paper #1: “How to Cite the Text.”
3. Also, you should include a Works Cited section at the bottom of the paper (not necessary for the outline). List only the primary source, the story itself. NOTE: Find the MLA pattern for a story or article from an anthology. Be sure to use the new Version #8 of MLA. Also, read my PowerPoint (“How to Cite the Text) on MLA citation for an anthology found on the Course Content page in the folder for Paper #1.
4. In addition, re-read my PowerPoint on “Writing About Literature.”

6. Once you receive a grade, you don’t need to resubmit your outline; however, I may ask you to revise your outline. Remember that if you delay in revising your outline (if I ask you to do so), your paper is still due according to the schedule below. Any outline (revision or original) that is submitted on the same day as the paper or after the paper is due will receive a grade of zero. If you don’t submit an outline or revision of an outline in time to get feedback, you are subverting the pre-writing process, thus eliminating the point of writing an outline.


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