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The First Manifesto of Surrealism, in Harrison and Wood, 432 – 439

Please read the following sections in attached texts:

George Grosz, “My New Pictures,” in Harrison and Wood, 270 – 271.
André Breton, from The First Manifesto of Surrealism, in Harrison and Wood, 432 – 439

On the first page, After watching An Andalusian Dog (Un Chien Andalou), the silent film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí,(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=054OIVlmjUM) address these questions and issues:

How do the imagery and narrative structure of this film reveal the influence of Freud’s theory of the unconscious on the Surrealists?
Cite other examples of works in which artists use the techniques that André Breton called “pure psychic automatism”—i.e., Freudian techniques of free association..

On the second page, after reviewing the work of the Neue Sachlichkeit artists Otto Dix, George Grosz, and Käthe Kollwitz, discuss these questions and issues:

What continuities can you see between the Neue Sachlichkeit trend and earlier movements such as German Expressionism and Dada?
Identify the socially critical stances of the Neue Sachlichkeit artists that distinguish them from those earlier movements. Is there some overlap?


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