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The Constitutional Setting

Chapter 2: The Constitutional Setting

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In Chapter 2, “The Constitutional Setting,” the authors describe the amendment process for the Texas Constitution. Complete the following:
Describe the rules for amending the Texas constitution.
Discuss the attempts at constitutional reform during the 1970’s.
Explain why constitutional reform was attempted and why it ultimately failed.
Do you believe it is better to have a detailed constitution that requires frequent amendment as specific situations arise, or a constitution that has broad language providing government with
flexibility to handle a diverse set of situations as they arise?

Use Ariel or Times New Roman 12 point as the paper’s font, double space the text, and create one inch margins on all four sides of the page. In addition, the assignment should be formatted
according to APA style for papers with no title page and no abstract.

Reference: Newell, C., Prindle, D., Riddlesperger, J., Donovan, T., Mooney, C. and Smith, A., Texas Politics, Custom Edition, Cengage Learning