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Leadership Communication

1) Leadership Communication Final Project Presentation

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge you have gained from this course by conducting a holistic analysis of a leader. It will also give you an opportunity to further develop your public speaking skills.

Content: Analyze the leadership communication of a famous leader, Biblical figure, or movie/tv character according to the principles discussed in this course. The analysis should present a holistic analysis of the individual’s communication rather than an analysis of just one particular communication (i.e. one speech, one writing, one conversation, one story, etc.). You may conduct a broad analysis of several aspects of the leader based on the unit material in this course (i.e. nonverbals, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, etc.) or just focus on one or two areas in depth. You must integrate the concepts and material in the unit lectures and text as a basis for your analysis (i.e. If you are analyzing a leader’s persuasive abilities, you need to integrate what you learned about persuasive appeals and Monroe’s motivated sequence).

Research: Your presentation must exemplify graduate level research. A minimum of five sources must be used and noted using APA format in the Works Cited page. Your sources may include journals, books, video/audio footage, internet resources, interviews, etc. A variety of resources is expected. The presentation should move beyond merely discussing other’s research but rather taking that research and using it to formulate your own thoughts, ideas, and discoveries.

Time: 15 minutes (do not go past this if uploading to YouTube, otherwise you will have problems)

Outline: You must prepare an outline that follows the Standard speech outline format as shown in Unit 3. Points for your outline will be included in your overall speech grade. Your presentation must include a proper introduction that begins with an attention getter, clearly identifies the leader that you will be analyzing (thesis statement) as well as identify the 2-3 main points (forecast statement) that you will be discussing. Again, these three areas of analysis/main points MUST stem from three of the areas discussed in this course (i.e presentation skills, persuasive skills, emotional intelligence, etc.). The presentation must also include an appropriate conclusion with a summary of main points and closing statement that refers back to the attention getter.

Grading: Your speech will be graded according to the criteria found on the Final Project Presentation Evaluation Rubric. Standard presentation guidelines must be followed. It is imperative that you tie in concepts from this class as a basis for the presentation.

Format: For your convenience, there are two options available to you to give your presentation.

2.) This the for the Presentation outline.

Prepare a presentational outline for your Final Project Presentation according to the standard outline format shown here. Notice the repetition demonstrated through color coding. Everything in purple should be the same, everything in blue should be the same, and everything in orange should be the same. The points awarded for this outline will be included in your overall speech grade.

I. Introduction

A. Arouse Attention -Explain how you are going to get your audience’s attention. Refer to your text for ideas.

B. Thematic Statement -What is the overall purpose of your speech? Example- "Today, I am going to explain how to make chocolate chip cookies."

C. Credibility Statement -Explain why you have the credibility to speak on this topic – "I have been making this recipe with my grandmother since I was a little girl."

D. Forecast Development -Tell the audience what your three points are before you ever get into the body of your speech. Example – &quote; You can make chocolate chip cookies in three easy steps that include preparation, making, and baking.

II. Body

A. Main Point #1-Ex. Preparation

Subpoint #1- Ex. Cooking Utensils
Subpoint #2- Ex. Ingredients- Make sure you have everything
B. Main Point #2- Ex. Making cookies

Subpoint #1-Put all ingredients together
Subpoint #2- Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto cookie sheet
C. Main Point #3- Ex. Baking

Subpoint #1- Ex. Temperature
Subpoint #2- Ex. Time
III. Conclusion

A. Summary -Summarize your main points. Example- "In conclusion, now you have learned the three easy steps involved with chocolate chip cookies which include preparing, making, and baking.

B. Concluding Statement -The best closing statements are the ones that refer back to the attention getter. This could be a quote, a statement, or something as simple as "Enjoy." Just don’t ever end with "that’s all" or something along those lines.

Please submit your outline as a Word Document or Rich Text Format document using the button below. Your outline is worth 10 points as shown on the Final Project presentation rubric found in Student Course Materials. Points for your outline will be included in your overall speech grade.

3. The Powerpoint Slides. Please ensure the power point slides contain imagines that goes with the famous person or topic you choose to write about. Make sure the Ppwer Points arer Bullet points for me to reference when I give the speech.


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