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Issues based scenario

1.What is the difference between a person’s gender, gender identity, gender roles, and gender

typing? How do biology, environment, and culture play a factor in this development? What is

your opinion on gender roles and how they affect people?

2.What are sexual dysfunctions and what percent of people will have one? Give an overview of

the causes of sexual dysfunctions.

4. Compare and contrast the four methods that a minority person might use to deal with the

acculturative stress they may experience after moving to a new country. What advice would you

give to someone who is immigrating to this country?

5.You are charged with creating a brochure that tells people how to reduce their stress. What

do you include in yours? Give at least five research statements people can use to reduce

stress and a suggestion for how to implement each statement. For example (and you can’t use

this one): Laughter helps to reduce stress, so find time every day to laugh out loud with

funny youtube videos or other online content or watch an episode of a funny TV show.

6. Describe and give an example THAT IS NOT IN THE BOOK of :
a. approach-approach conflict
b. avoidance-avoidance conflict
c. approach-avoidance conflict
d. double approach-avoidance conflict

7.Suppose you could magically change one (and only one) collective behavior or practice for a

whole population. If your objective was to achieve the greatest health benefit for the most

people, what change would you implement? Why?