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Part 1 – Identify a city.

Choosing the right city is very important as availability of information/data is directly related to size and importance of the city. It is in your best interest to choose a larger and important city or a big city you have visited and know fairly well.
You are expected to come up with a detailed historic and demographic profile of the city.

1.History of the city (30% of grades)
-Demographic changes in last 50 years or more. Many cities have experienced dramatic changes in last 30-50 years. For example, Baltimore’s white population declined significantly in last 40 years and therefore race composition reversed (from white majority city to less than one-third of white population). Discuss demographic composition in detail – population changes based on sex, age, race, poverty, etc. (50%)
-Important events and their impact (20%)
Please use maps, tables, and graphs.
Word Limit: 1000-1500 words not including tables, graphs, maps, and other visual presentation.
Part 2 – Economy.

Discuss historic references and current situation of the trading, manufacturing, agriculture, service, and other economic activities. Historic and modern economic activities define cities and thus very important to study to understand the city well.

In last 3 decades, wealth inequality among different races has remained more or less constant, however, income inequality has changed significantly.
Prepare an income profile of your city. Try to use 1990, 2000, and 2010 data.