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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

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The next step will be to use some of the story-based strategy tools to develop your case and analysis. Attached please find three resources to get you started:

1. Cornerstones: This will help you hone your proposal by identifying clearly the goals, targets and key audiences you would need to reach to . The goals are what you are trying to acheive. Please include a Big Vision goal and 1-3 intermediate goals for moving you closer to that vision.

For example: A Big Vision Goal could be: A world where all people live free from fear, poverty and fascism. And Intermediate Goals could include anything from: Develop channels of independent media or shift public awareness and understanding of the role of government, and more.

2. Pull a few media resources or coverage of your issue – both from opposition perspective and some allied media examples and use the Narrative Power Media Checklist to analyze each media piece and write up your results. Identify 1-3 Underlying assumptions from the opposition you want to challenge or interrupt with your new narrative work.

3. Finally you can start to brainstorm Elements of Story for both opposition and allied side of the story. What Conflict, Characters, Imagery, Foreshadowing and Underlying Assumptions. Use the Drama Triangle to think about how the story is currently getting case and how you might want to re frame the story intentionally to achieve the future you envision.

This project is creating a story, its a story based strategy class, so we need to have this project in a form of power point presentation that has lots of graphics and photographs and tells a story in a meaningful way. I am going to layout for you the summary of the ideas discussed in class with my instructor which needs to be taken into consideration

The project is specifically working with LAKE VIEW TERRACE neighborhood, even more specific the area between Lake view Terrace Library, Hansen Dam recreation center, lake view terrace Aquatic center.

Goal: Connect this community to the rest of community through transportation line so that it will be easy for other people to come to this part of city and enjoy all the potentials that is offered here. This neighborhood has a lot to offer but it just need to be introduced to everyone and improve its looks through media coverage and advertising.

Residents of Lakeview Terrace community
Library Staff/visitors
Local Businesses
Hansen Dam Recreation Center staff/visitors
Policy Makers
City Council Members
LVTIA(Lake View Terrace Improvement Association Organization) members
Opposition Assumptions:
Mobility issues(Difference in elevation between aquatic center and library which makes it hard to move from one to another even though they are right next to each other
Lack of bus line going into that neighborhood which is another main reason why there is a disconnect between this neighborhood and the rest of the city
Local businesses shutting down because of lack of participation

For foreshadowing you can show a graphic or painting or picture of how this neighborhood is going to look like in a future if we resolve all these conflicts and assumptions
Another idea for foreshadowing will be how people see themselves in a future, or how would they like to see this neighborhood look like in a future after we make these changes to their neighborhood and connect it to other communities.
I think we need to show a foreshadowing picture of mobilizing issue and how we have resolved that issue, maybe we can show a picture of how people are able to access from library to aquatic center either with a bridge or tunnel or anything that will show we have overcame the high elevation issue between library and aquatic center.

Some comments I got from my instructor that I think where nice and it will be good to include them in the story with some nice images are:

1. Library or pool are lonely right now. They are saying, I am bored, somebody come here please and use us.
2. Animate the facility itself.
3. books with no one to read them(this again is the image of the place right now, so it will go in the conflict, or character section.
4. Better Blocks: Taking vacant storefront and bring them to life(This is related to all the businesses that are shut down due to lack of engagement of the community with them).
5. Treasure hunt-weekly activity: Find the treasure of this neighborhood through some weekly activities , that could bring a lot of engagement between the residents of the community and even other people who are visiting.

below are some resources to look at which is really helpful in framing the story