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Analyzed Case study Disney and Zappos

Analyzed Case study Disney and Zappos
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The Analysis into final Capstone
Chapter 4
Case Analyses (completed in class)
Two specific organizational
Cases will be analyzed as part of Chapter 4
Case study Disney and Zappos/ CIBC
Chapter 4)
1. Organizational overview strengths, and the key leadership and management challenges it faces

2. Link the challenges identified to the work of specific scholars relating for example to leadership, HRM , Change Management ethics etc.

3. Provide two (2) (Non MB recommendation to organization leaders on how sustain their success and /or address the challenges faces
Approximated length
Approximately 3 pages for each case this section requires minimum of 6 full pages to be considered complete each recommendation should be one full page chapter to include introduction and conclusion full page
Will automatically be processed through SafeAssign Look out! Look out! Look out!
Theory’s recommendation upload
An Easy Guide to APA Style
Author Beth M. Schwartz; R. Eric Landrum; Regan A. R. Gurung
ISBN 978-1-4522-6839-2
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Encouraging Words
Author Malinda L. Hayes
ISBN 978-0-931761-68-3
Publisher Beckham Publications Group, Incorporated