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Write a 2 page blog about an issue about the role of the media in our society that concerns you. Be sure to focus your idea and provide a concrete opinion to the reader about your position on the issue. Include relevant research and facts that help support your idea. Your blog should also contain examples of media stories that give credibility to your position. You can choose from one of the issues discussed in class as the foundation for your overall idea (gatekeeping, objectivity, fair representation, constructing social reality) or you can pitch your own. (please approve with Professor).

Please include a wordl graphic or image in your blog that supports or represents the issue you are talking about.
1) Pick an issue

2) Take a viewpoint on that issue about how you feel the media influences or directs or is gatekeeper of that issue. Demonstrate with examples how the media is playing that role. How is the audience potentially impacted?

3) with each point you make you want to support it — first with an example that is explained fully, then with supporting research that gives credibility to your points.

So in effect, you are giving a hypothesis to the reader about a point you want to make with how the media acts/influences with a certain issue, then find an example that you want to build the framework to support your position around, then gather the supporting evidence/anecdotes that will support your position.

All of this helps to build a persuasive argument for your blog position. Remember you can write colourfully…it’s not a news story.

Please review the rubric to see how this blog will be evaluated.

here is an example on how to write a blog

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be? A Writer’s Guide